May 5, 2011
“Everywhere Exercise Stealth App will almost eliminate the need to go to the gym.”

December 17, 2011
eTourism Insight
“You know the saying that sometimes the simplest solution is best?”

November 11, 2011
eGlobal Travel Media
“New fitness app makes it easy to do – Everywhere!”

September 14, 2011
California Life HD
“So easy they literally fall in your lap.”

August 23, 2011 – Exercise Everywhere with EvEx APP
“For the one-time cost of a latte, there are no excuses not to exercise.”

June 30, 2011 – Best weight loss exercises: Training simplified with apps
“You get to learn which exercises are best to fit into a busy lifestyle.”

June 14, 2011 – Exercises for Today’s Mobile Woman
“The Everywhere Exercise App allows you to exercise no matter where you are”

May, 2011
7Live KGO-TV San Francisco
“Exercise anywhere and everywhere with whatever you happen to have around you.”

April, 2011
Today’s Diet & Nutrition
“The app gives you a useful way to fit in exercise throughout the day.”

February 25, 2011 – No Excuses
“I’ve had this urge to make exercise easy because I think people think of it as a chore…we’re trying to make exercise a natural part of people’s lives, and so we’re trying to make it as simple as possible. Take it anywhere and do it. It allows freedom and choice.”

February 15, 2011 – Exercise Anywhere & EVERYWHERE!
“App Obsessed & need simpler, clear, concise, and convenient exercise options? Check out EvEx. EvEx is the perfect solution for engaging in effective exercises throughout the day.”

February 2, 2011 – Free iPhone Apps to Lose Weight Fast
“A great way to tone your body without worrying about time and space constraints!”

January 23, 2011
148 Apps – 4/5 Stars “Inspiring”
“It’s clear that Everywhere Exercise doesn’t intend to solve everything – you need to do other healthy, fitness related things alongside it. However, for the humble and overworked office worker in particular, this could really help both mentally and physically.” 148APPS.COM

January 23, 2011
iPhone App Cafe – Top 5 Diet Apps
Everywhere Exercise Stealth App – With hot graphics, great instruction and five free apps to do anywhere, the Stealth App lets you workout wherever you are – or whenever you have a free five minutes. Beautiful videos explain the exercise, and then it’s up to you to carry it out. One of the few apps that teaches you how to tone yourself, this free version comes with abs, legs, arms and core exercises. It’s great – it’s just a shame that you have to pay for the full app! IPHONEAPPCAFE.COM

January 11, 2011
“Exercising can’t get any easier than this” 9 out of 10 Rating

January 5, 2011
Use your phone to get those flat abs! “It’s no surprise that the next coolest workout idea can be found on your touch screen.” SEVENTEEN.COM

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