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How do you feel about your dentist? We are thrilled with ours. Although we still have anxiety when it’s time for a check up — our stress is lessening because of the wonderful team and holistic approach at Dentistry for Health. We are happy to report that our teeth and gum health is improving! We follow the simple home care regimen they suggest and our dental health has never been better.

They are holistic!
That means they integrate your oral health regimen into a larger framework of maintaining and improving overall wellbeing.

If you are in the New York City area, you are close to Dentistry for Health’s convenient midtown location.

At Dentistry for Health you get a thorough evaluation and cleaning as well as recommendations to achieve optimum overall health. The practice is green and sustainable with mercury-free fillings.

Dr. Reid Winick has extensive experience in general dentistry, the Oral Systemic Link as well as TMJ and craniofacial disorders.
He has assembled an exceptional team of talented experts who provide an array of specialized services including testing for sleep apnea, thermography, as well as pediatric dentistry. The office also offers acupuncture, body talk and body work. These services are absolutely amazing!


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EvEx Stealth Named a Top Five Free App for Losing Weight! recently named the Everywhere Exercise Stealth app one of its top five free iPhone apps for losing weight. The review says:

Everywhere Exercise Stealth App will almost eliminate the need to go to the gym. This app includes videos explaining specific exercises and how to do them. The free version comes with abs, legs, arms and core exercises, so now you can work out and tone your body anytime, anywhere.

You can see the full article here.

Thank you,!

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Kudos for Uplift from!

ETourism Insight, “The Travel Blog for Travel Geeks, recently reviewed the new EvEx Uplift app. Excerpts:

Healthy Travel? There’s an app for that.

You know the saying that sometimes the simplest solution is best? When it comes to healthy travel/fitness apps for the iPhone, I think that’s more than appropriate, and it’s exactly what the new Everywhere Exercise – EvEx Uplift delivers.

what I love is how simple the exercises are. They’re just simple images with instructions, all on one screen, so you don’t need a degree in physical education to understand what they’re asking you to do.

Many of the suggestions are stretches, which is something I always caution travelers to make use of. The contortions, pulls and bends that a trip through any airport or train station put on our body is enough to cause strain and injury. The app walks you through a number of various stretches guaranteed to help.

Some of the exercises involved massaging pressure points as well. This isn’t something I have as much familiarity with, but I figured why not. The pressure points, oddly enough, worked wonders after carrying my bags quite some way to the train station recently. It’s one of those weird things where you think, how could simply squeezing in a certain place make a difference, but it does. (Really – try it!)

Lastly the app suggests a number of various foot stretches – similar to the ones you see in the back of airline magazines, but far more extensive.

I love how the app is well designed; it’s pretty and bright, but it’s also functional… it’s worth it simply for the stretching recommendations, but the pressure points and fancy footwork techniques are even more value.

You can read the full review here.

Thank you, ETourism Insight!

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Uplift – What’s Hot!

Everywhere Exercise – Uplift was named What’s Hot for iPad in Healthcare and Fitness! Out of 2004 Healthcare and Fitness apps, What’s Hot includes the top 120. We’re thrilled!

Download it now at the holiday special price of $.99. Same price for the iPhone as well!

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Best Weight Loss Exercise Training Apps recently named Everywhere Exercise one of its top Weight Loss Exercise Training Apps!

It said:

Best Weight Loss Exercise Training Apps:

Modernity has brought our lives tremendous change. From everywhere, we see transformations that most often have led us to our health’s destruction. One big factor for this is the unhealthy lifestyle that we have developed for the past years.
However, it is not yet too late to redeem the healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. For that, there are health applications developed by health conscious app developers for us all.

We hereby list the 6 best weight loss exercise training apps right now:

4. Everywhere Exercise EvEx app: This weight loss apps gives you the idea on how to fit your exercise routines into your busy lifestyle. You can do your exercise routines while you’re sitting at your office table.

Read the full review here.

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Top Ten Health Apps for Mac! recently named Everywhere Exercise one of the top ten health apps for the Mac!

It said: #6 Everywhere Exercise
This application shows you how to do in home exercises with a model silhouette showing examples. This applications contains 30+ exercises and even some secret exercises where you can tone all alone. No one will know you are exercising. This application is $2.99 and will get you started exercising right away.

You can read the full review here.

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Great review from! recently reviewed the Kindle version of Everywhere Exercise:

Americans are becoming more and more sedentary because of desk jobs and the lure of the couch and TV.

The good news is that some gadgets like the Kindle are being used as tools to help people get moving. Everywhere Exercise has some good, simple exercises to do while sitting at the desk, or for the times when you have to sit and wait on something.

Everywhere Exercise includes four categories: Flexibility, Strength, Energy, and Places.

The Flexibility section includes a series of stretches that can be done anywhere. The menu tells you whether they can be done in a sitting or standing position.

The Strength section is also a set of stretches, but they’re designed to improve strength instead of flexibility. Going into this section I was really curious about how you can do strength exercises without weights. But, you’re basically using your body as a form of resistance. For example, one of the exercises is to pull your feet forward, but without moving them.

The Energy exercises are simple ways to get your heart rate up. Shuffle or tap your feet while sitting. Smile really big. It releases endorphins and feels good.

The Places section is a mix of flexiblity, strength, and energy exercises specifically designed for sitting at the desk, watching TV, or waiting in line.

Log all of your exercises in the Exercise Log, and review the Help section before you begin. As with any exercise routine, make sure you are physically able to do the routines so that you can prevent injuries.

All of the Kindle’s buttons are used to navigate Everywhere Exercise. It tells you what keyboard shortcuts you can use. The back button takes you back to the menu or whatever your previous page was. Then, of course the 5-way toggle selects all of the options.

Everywhere Exercise is competition for the HandyX exercise routines. I think the graphics are better in Everywhere Exercise. The directions are clearer, and the pictures are easier to see. All of the Kindle exercise apps are good to have because they’re inexpensive and don’t require any extra equipment.

Ed Pegg

“The program is probably meant as competition to My Yoga Studio. Everywhere Exerciser provides 31 exercises, complete with figures and instructions. There are also routines to follow, giving different ranges of exercises, depending on where you happen to be stuck at the time (in line, in a chair, watching TV, …). In addition, each exercise comes with its own timer, and the program can track logs.”

You can read the full review here.

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Great review from Ereaderappnews!

Everywhere Exercise was recently reviewed on –

Everywhere Exercise is the first release on the Kindle from the developer of the same name. The app features 30 different exercises you can do based on where you are at the time. These aren’t exercises for a gym, they are intended to use at work or while waiting in line. As with all the apps and games on the Kindle the title features no sound but this is not the fault of the developer so please don’t rate them down for this, voice your opinion directly to Amazon. The game has no reviews yet but sells for $2.99.

Everywhere Exercise is a tool that helps you integrate movement and basic exercises into your busy life.

Designed to integrate into hectic schedules, Everywhere Exercise helps you do workouts in the few spare minutes you may have in your day. Tell Everywhere Exercise if you’re at the office, on a plane, waiting in line, or watching TV, and it will show you exercises you can do while you’re there. You can also select from routines that focus on strength, flexibility, or energy.

Correct body alignment is easy to obtain and maintain thanks to simple instructions and the use of everyday objects like your desk chair. There are 30 basic exercises plus variations, including stealth routines you can do without anybody noticing you’re exercising! Everywhere Exercise also makes it easy to keep track of your progress with a log that keeps track of which exercises you’ve done on which days, and how long you did them.

Now, Everywhere Exercise can help you burn calories and improve your tone and flexibility without having to put your life on hold to do so.

Find the review here.

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Guest Blogger Tammy Kohlschmidt on Everywhere Exercise

Tammy Kohlschmidt of Thermography for Health recently blogged about Everywhere Exercise –

Oh exercise. We love how we feel when we do it but sometimes it’s a pain in the butt to fit it into our days. My friend, Pamela Keld, was one of those women. Pamela was inspired to create Everywhere Exercise while she was sitting and wondering if she had time to exercise while watching her children run around in the playground.

As mothers and women we often find it hard to set aside time for ourselves every day. Pamela and her team of experts have created an easy tool to overcome this “life gets in the way” syndrome. Everywhere Exercise is a downloadable app that is liberating, empowering and easy to use anywhere, anytime. The exercises can be done when you are sitting at your computer (I’m doing one now!), while you are standing in line at the supermarket, when you are attending a meeting or traveling. You don’t need to carve out a time or find a special place to do EvEx which makes it extremely convenient!

An exercise program is imperative for any type of wellness program to work. Recent research shows the benefits of moving more during your day. Exercising four or more hours a week can decrease hormone levels and help lower your breast cancer risk. Exercise also promotes the flow of oxygen and the pulsation of our blood and lymph flow.

With Pamela’s convent program there is no more excuses! Whether you try er program, walk, run, jump rope, dance, lift weights, hike or swim- any type of movement is life-giving and in many cases life-saving! Movement calms the mind and makes our body smile.

Everywhere Exerercise is available on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook and Android. ( All your electronic needs!)

You can read the full blog post here.

Tammy Kohlschmidt is a licensed Certified Thermographer and a frontrunner as a Licensed Dental Hygienist. She has a special interest in the Oral Systemic link and in Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy using lasers. By combining Thermal Imaging and Periodontal Therapy she has made connections between the mouth and body that address The Oral Systemic Link.

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Guest Blogger – Tammy Kohlschmidt on Thermography for Health

What is Thermography?
Thermography is a Non-Invasive Imaging Technique

Thermography uses special infrared-sensitive cameras to digitally record images of the variations in surface temperature of the human body. It’s basically a specialized HDTV night-vision camera used to record images of the heat patterns of the breast. The recorded images are called thermograms.

Thermography is an unsurpassed, safe and noninvasive breast cancer screening technique that can detect signs of cancer up to ten years earlier than is possible using mammography. Breast thermography is approved by the FDA for breast cancer risk assessment. The exam takes only a few minutes, and there is no touching or compression of the breast whatsoever.

Thermography is used for early detection of many diseases and disorders including DCIS, breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer, IBC, fibromyalgia, periodontal disease, pre-stroke, muscular inflammation, diverticulitis, heart disease, back pain, leg carpal tunnel, varicosities, scoliosis, cystic formations, TMJ, migraine cause, deep vein thrombosis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy/complex regional pain syndrome, unexplained pain and much more.

Find out more here.

Tammy Kohlschmidt is a licensed Certified Thermographer and a frontrunner as a Licensed Dental Hygienist. She has a special interest in the Oral Systemic link and in Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy using lasers. By combining Thermal Imaging and Periodontal Therapy she has made connections between the mouth and body that address The Oral Systemic Link.

Tammy believes the mouth and body share an ecosystem that is best treated as a whole to obtain sustainable health. Tammy has intertwines her intuitive healing abilities and her love for energetic medicine as a Certified Body Talk Practitioner. She has also trained in Nutritional Evaluations using the Zyto technology. She has integrated Thermal Imaging, Periodontal Therapy, Energetic and Spiritual Healing with Nutritional Evaluations as a better way for sustaining health and well-being.

Tammy believes that health and well-being is a reflection of spirit, belief systems, energetic fields, body structure and body chemistry.

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